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Being part of the QSC community provides the opportunities that empower personal and professional growth.

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Hone best practice skills, share vital resources, and learn from focused-forward leaders.

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Community, camaraderie, and connections — QSC is where you belong.

Welcome to the QSC Community

We know trades are vital to protecting the safety of individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, and our nation. QSC members operate their businesses and empower their staff to ensure all standards of safety are met daily.

What it means to Belong.

QSC provides a welcoming community that influences best practices, superior growth and profitability for service trade contractors and industry partners.

There is confidence in knowing you have the support you need to grow, take on new tasks, and adapt to the what the future of the p-h-c industry will look like. QSC is a community of professionals who get to know each other on a personal level which allows sharing of good practices, business wins, hardships and lessons learned, and trending topics they are all dealing with.


QSC Coaching Services

Any PHCC member can receive a free 30-minute business assessment. Today is the day to move your business to the next level.


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We are ready to answer your questions and take your suggestions.

Strength in numbers – profitability, resources and people

There is something for everyone in your business. We work on real problems, real challenges, and offer real time solutions.

QSC offers best practices, opportunities to increase profitability, and personal and professional growth to help you and your business thrive today and stay vital for generations.



George Salet Plumbing, Inc.

“I have been using QSC coaching services for the last 13 or so years and have found the coaches to be a valuable asset to my business.

One of the best services they provide is in-person, onsite visits where they can see how your work flows. This time together allows us the opportunity to discuss strategies and concerns and it enables the coach to observe day-to-day business practices. During my semiannual visits I usually have my coach do a presentation to my plumbing crew about sales and best practices. I have found that they are well-received and the phenomenon about when someone else presents what you have been saying for weeks suddenly becomes of value.

If you are trying to grow your business or make it more profitable, I recommend using one of the coaches from QSC.”

S&D Plumbing

“Being part of QSC has been a game-changer for our company. In addition to learning best practices, and being introduced to new resources to improve our marketing and productivity, we are blessed to form relationships with owners from all over the US & Canada. And as if that is not enough, the guidance we get from the coaches is very valuable. The cool thing is that we were so needy all those years ago and eager to implement so many things that we had to take it one thing at a time. Today we are in the position to give back some of what we have learned on our journey to becoming better every day. Thanks, QSC Business Coach Les Hanks!”

Brandon’s Plumbing

“I am constantly on the search for new education to help our company grow. The QSC experience fulfills my needs plus some. It’s ever-changing so if I decided to change directions the resources are always there. My favorite aspect is the peer groups and getting to hear others’ inside success stories and failures. It’s nice to grow from others experiences. I can guarantee the growth we have experienced in our company is directly related to our relationships built through QSC. There is an excellent ROI.”

HM Plumbing

“QSC is true to its acronym: Quality Service ‘Comrades’. Being able to open up to fellow business owners and develop camaraderie with one another helps all of us achieve a greater level of success in our own organizations.”

Steward’s Plumbing

“We have been working with PHCC QSC for several years. When we found this organization we were looking for a coaching staff. We looked and interviewed many coaches with a wide range of backgrounds. When we spoke with PHCC QSC we knew we had found our home. The coaching staff is warm, knowledgeable, personable and really helps you get on the right path. Les Hanks is our coach and I can’t say enough about his knowledge and wellness to help. He is available anytime we need him! He is great with helping understand ideas, concepts and numbers! Coaching visits are also fantastic! Having a set of outside eyes to meet out staff and offer observations is priceless!

Thank you PHCC QSC!”