Participation, Peers and Performance.

Shared knowledge leads to growth.

Collaboration & Engagement

A vital part of the success of QSC members comes from participation —in person and virtually — with Peer Groups and Performance Groups.

Peer Groups

Peer Groups provide relevant information, experiences, and support to all participants. The collective experience of the entire group becomes the catalyst for growth and the improvement of participating organizations. 

The overall purpose of a peer group is to bring like-minds together to share operational, planning, and strategy ideas, as well as gain knowledge from QSC Business Coaches who are well-versed in creating opportunities for clarity, support, and growth.

Current peer groups:

  • Residential Service Manager Peer Groups
  • Commercial Service Manager Peer Group
  • CSR/DISP Peer group

For more information, reach out to Beth Dobkin

Performance Groups

Business ownership can be exhausting and challenging. But it is also rewarding and profitable when you develop the skills and knowledge that promote growth and independence.  The best place to obtain resources for your entrepreneurial journey is through networking with others who share similar goals and experiences.

A Performance Group is a chosen set of business owners committed to sharing successes and failures, relating past experiences, providing diversity, and leveraging commonalities to help everyone in the group improve their individual companies and obtain their goals.

A Performance Group should provide support while helping participants gain knowledge from the collective experiences of the entire group.

Current Performance Groups:

  • Visionary
  • Innovators
  • Service Excellence
  • Achievers

Check out what QSC members are saying about the value of Performance Groups:

For more information, reach out to Les Hanks, QSC Senior Business Coach,