QSC History

A Legacy of Service

The idea for QSC was born in July of 1993, when PHCC hosted a Service and Repair Focus Group Meeting in Chicago, IL. Major players from the S&R segment of the PHC industry were there. Contractors from across the country spent two days formulating and discussing what a specialized group for the Service and Repair Contractors in PHCC would look like.

In September of 1993, incoming President Jack McCarthy appointed a Task Force to refine the ideas from the Focus Group Meeting. The Task Force members were Maurice Maio, Keith Bienvenu, Thomas Crogan, Carl Rice, Oscar Zanoni, Sonny Friedman, and Don Morin. (Maio was replaced by Bill Trombly when business precluded Maio from staying involved). The Task Force spent many long nights and weekends discussing the goals and framework of the group.

Eventually, the group decided on a plan and executed it on February 18, 1995, at QSC Power Meeting I. There were 147 PHCC contractor members registered. From that group, 78 believed in what they saw and signed up as Founding Members. The original Task Force Members became the first Trustees of the newly formed Enhanced Service Group.

The Trustees elected Bill Trombly as the first Chair of the Board. The remaining Trustees pulled straws to create term limits for the Board of Trustees — the Board would end up with six Trustees. Every year two new trustees would be elected for a three-year term of office.

Today, QSC carries on the tradition of excellence that began decades ago.